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Using multiple locations and area codes in one account | Easybell Österreich

Using multiple locations and area codes in one account

The area code of a phone number depends on the associated connection address. With Easybell, you can manage multiple locations in one account and book phone numbers for them. You create your first location when you order your Business SIP Trunk. You can add further locations later in the location management.

Creating a new location

1. Open location management

Log in to my.easybell as usual. In the phone settings, please select “Location management” at the right edge under “Quicklinks“.

You will now see an overview of all the locations you have already created and whether they have already been verified.

2. Add new location

When you click on “Add new location“, an availability check window opens.

Please enter the new connection address there. If there are phone numbers available through Easybell at this address, you can continue by clicking on “Save“.

3. Verify location

We are required by law to verify whether you are registered for business or private use at this address. Please email us a copy of one of the following documents:

  • Your business registration (excerpt from the Company Register or Commercial Register).
  • A current contract or invoice for a telecommunications connection from another operator (e.g. telephone or Internet connection)
  • A current lease agreement
  • A current bill from the municipality
  • A current bill from an electricity, gas, water or other utility company
  • utility company

Once we have verified your proof, we will automatically order a new phone number with the appropriate area code for the new location.

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