Ordering Business SIP Trunk

Before you can test our Business SIP Trunk, you must register with easybell. We are also required to verify your address before assigning any phone numbers. Or in other words: we have to see which phone numbers we are allowed to assign to you.

Don’t worry! This takes only a few minutes!

Ordering in 6 steps

1. Create an easybell account

Please go to my.easybell.com and register.

You can then enter, among other things, an e-mail address with which you want to log in later. Once you have entered all the details, please click on “Let’s go!“.

2. Confirm e-mail address

We will send you a verification link to the e-mail address you have entered. This will ensure that there were no typos and that the communication with your mailbox will work without any problems.

Simply click on the link in the e-mail to activate your access to “My easybell“.

3. Order SIP Trunk

If you now visit “My easybell”, you can order the Business SIP Trunk.

To do so, please enter your address so that we can assign you a phone number from your area code.

4. Provide payment method

Next, please select a payment method. You can choose between bank transfer and direct debit. You may also specify a separate e-mail address for invoices and a tax number.

After clicking on “Invoice address“, please tell us which data you would like us to use for future invoices.

Afterwards, please click on “Check order“.

5. Finalize order

Finally, we will show you a summary of the terms and conditions of the contract: What costs may be incurred during the trial period and what happens after it.

Please agree to the terms and conditions before you click on “Order now with costs“.

6. Verify your connection address

Now your Business SIP Trunk is being set up. Before you can use the connection, we need to verify that your company has a registered office at the desired connection address. To do this, we need an official document showing both the company name specified in the order and the connection address.

Please send us a copy of one of the following documents by e-mail to support@easybell.com:

  • Your company registration (excerpt from the company register or Commercial Register),
  • A current contract or invoice for a telecommunications connection from another operator (e.g., telephone or Internet connection),
  • A current lease agreement,
  • A current bill from the municipality,
  • A current bill from an electric, gas, water, or similar utility company.
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