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Order new phone numbers | Easybell Österreich

Order new phone numbers

With a Business SIP Trunk, you enjoy a high degree of flexibility in the way you arrange your existing phone numbers. And if you need additional phone numbers, we will provide them as quickly as possible.

Important note

You can have one phone number per voice channel booked. So if you have two voice channels and want to add a third phone number, you will need to increase to three voice channels.

You can order new phone numbers quickly and easily in two different ways:

Very quickly: In the overview of phone numbers

Simply open the overview of phone numbers.

Right in the overview you will find the button “Add phone number“. After one click, we will immediately start provisioning and you will be able to use the new phone number in full as quickly as possible.

Alternatively: In the overview of SIP trunks

  1. You can also order new phone numbers directly in the detail view of SIP trunks.
  2. To do so, click on the SIP trunk to which you want to add additional phone numbers.
  3. In the “Phone numbers” section, you will now see a list of the phone numbers that are already assigned to this trunk.

You will receive an additional phone number after clicking on “Add phone numbers“.

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