How do I connect extensions to devices?

In the following we explain how to connect extensions to devices in the Cloud PBX.

1. Click on “Cloud Telefonanlage” via “Phone Settings”.

2.  You reach the overview of your Cloud PBX. Under “Extensions and call groups”, please click on the cog next to the desired phone number.

Nebestelle Mit Endgerät 2222

3.  You are now in the overview of your selected extension and can edit it.

Short view of Edit Extension

Now scroll to “Devices” and click on the cog next to “Assigned End Devices”.

4.  You can now add existing devices to the “Assigned Devices” column with a mouse click.

Klick on a device to assign it to the extension.

5. Click on „Save“.

6. You return to the overview of the extension. Click on “Save” here as well. The total overview now shows you the correct number of telephones.

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